Watch Me Grow from $410

WATCH ME GROW $410 (studio price) or $460 (mobile price)
* see 
below for possible additional mobile travel costs

The ultimate baby bonding ultrasound experience and our best value package that gives you TWO

bonding experiences with your baby. You will be able to see your baby at two seperate stages

throughout your pregnancy and see how they are changing and growing. Your first session can take

place anytime from 17-25wks, and then come back for your second session anytime from 25wks –


Your TWO sessions include:

  • Listening to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender determination (on request from 17wks)
  • 2 separate 35 minute baby bonding ultrasound sessions in 2D/3D/4D
  • Digital files of all of the images of your sessions (up to 200 images)
  • A Photo Book collection of the best images of your 2 sessions
  • 2 separate beautifully compiled videos to music of the highlights from each of your session
  • Two A4 size Photo Collage of each of your sessions

*Travel on mobile packages is complimentary within a 20km radius of Freshwater 2096. Travel cost outside of this area is $1 per/km plus tolls which will be calculated by Google Maps and Sydney toll calculator

*We want everyone to be completely satisfied with their bonding ultrasound session, so if for various factors we’re unable to get great pictures of bub and your session is deemed unsuccessful, then you’ll be offered to book a complimentary session at the Freshwater studio on another date. There is a minimum charge of $100 on all mobile packages and a minimum charge of $95 on all studio packages for the ultrasound photographer’s time, travel and effort.