As a mobile service, we come to your home where you can feel relaxed without the worry of having to go anywhere and wait in a waiting room.

It’s also wonderful for younger children to be in their own surroundings where there’s no pressure to sit still and watch the baby. Some kids are fascinated and want to watch the whole time and others are still trying to understand the concept of having a sibling.

The trained sonographer will set up the portable machine that can be connected to your television screen. It’s up to you who you’d like to invite over to enjoy the special bonding time with your baby.

The session will be recorded in “real-time” 4D and depending on which package you choose, you will receive beautiful keepsakes such as: a beautiful video to music of the session.

You’ll also receive still images on a disc, an A4 photo collage of the best photos and a beautiful compiled and personalised photo book highlighting the best parts of the session.